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Hi! I'm Lucien, 🍻

Software Engineer and Game Dev Hobbyist.

A little bit about me --

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    I finished my undergrad at Cornell University with a BA in Information Science, alongside a minor in Game Design, in December 2022. I subsequently finished a Masters of Professional Studies, also in Info Sci at Cornell, in May 2023.

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    Since graduating, I've worked full-time as a backend software engineer. I also have multiple years of frontend internship experience, so I'm comfortable with picking up a variety of tools across the stack. I'm also learning more about programming language design on the side, as an excuse to get more comfortable with Rust and Haskell!

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    In my free time, I love making (and playing!) digital and tabletop games. I've worked with popular game engines like Godot and Unity on tasks that fall under both the development and design umbrellas. I enjoy the interdisciplinary collaboration fostered by game dev projects, particularly learning more about pixel art, 3D modeling, and music composition!

Welcome to my portfolio! ☺️

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