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Ragdoll Royale Soundtrack

May 2022

This is the soundtrack for Ragdoll Royale. Each background track comes in a "quiet" and "chaotic" variant -- playing during either the drawing or simulating phase of a player's turn in the game. As one central theme of our game is the contrast between the careful drawing and planning of one phase versus the more intense and vaguely-predictable shenanigans of the other, the music was designed to reflect this. I also tried to incorporate the same motif (mostly subtly) into each of the tracks, and emphasized a theremin-esque leading instrument to keep things cohesive and "spooooky."

Menu Theme

Indoor Battle Theme (Quiet)

Indoor Battle Theme (Chaotic)

Caves Battle Theme (Quiet)

Caves Battle Theme (Chaotic)

Rooftop Battle Theme (Quiet)

Rooftop Battle Theme (Chaotic)

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