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Parole in One Soundtrack

May 2020

This is the soundtrack I designed for the INFO/CS 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Design course at Cornell. The central feature of the soundtrack was the ability to switch between "stealth" and "chase" themes seamlessly, depending on if a player is stealthily evading detection or being chased down. The soundtrack was produced with LMMS, using recorded samples and the built-in zynaddsubfx plugin. The tracks vary a bit on the degree to which they feel "whimsical," a metric we focused a lot on fine-tuning throughout the design of the game as a whole. Regardless, for something put together during the more tumultuous half of 2020, I'm happy with how it came out.

Menu BGM

Panopticon Par-ade (Stealth)

Panopticon Par-ade (Chase)

Putt by Putt (Stealth)

Putt by Putt (Chase)

Downswing Detainment (Stealth)

Downswing Detainment (Chase)

Panopticon De-par-ture (Stealth)

Panopticon De-par-ture (Chase)

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