Lucien's Portfolio V5.0.0

A Small Game About Juiceboxes Soundtrack

September 2020

This is the soundtrack for the first full game I worked on completely solo. Due to the fact the game was mostly meant as an experiment in honing game feel, I tried to make the music primarily an arcade-y sounding accompaniment to gameplay -- with enough variation that it didn't get old too quick. To accomplish this, I experimented with a variety of different plugins in LMMS and worked to create an upbeat yet otherwordly vibe, to encourage the player but also reflect the strangeness of the sort of non-setting the game takes place in. In composing the background music for the progressively more difficult sets of levels within the game, I tried to increase the "intensity" of the music through added sound effects, a faster pace, and fuller chords -- especially for the final level theme. For the multiplayer mode background music, I tried to add a more driving, competitive feeling with heavier drums and chords.

Early Levels BGM

Midgame Levels BGM

Lategame Levels BGM

Final Level BGM

Multiplayer Mode BGM

Menu BGM

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