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Started August 2022 (In Progress)

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SPRODKART (clearly a working title) is a game dev project I'm working on with a few close friends. It's an open-ended party racing game (emphasis on local, 4-player couch competitive play) that focuses on letting players throw together scrappy strategies and experience chaotic progression. Players must balance exploring the environment, upgrading vehicles, and disrupting opponents in preparation for a race for points. The game takes places in a large map with many distinct regions; each with certain quirks, such as a propensity for certain vehicles to spawn, or varying power up drop distributions, for example. Within a ten-minute timeframe, players need to put together a vehicle build, counter the strategies and builds of others, and hone their navigational skills to survive the specific events, conditions, and final race of each unique match.

Within this project, each member of our small team works on a wide variety of tasks and features. Personally, I've mainly worked on gameplay and UI programming, 3D modeling, texture work, and misc. organizational and administrative tasks up until now. Some specific features I've worked on so far include the gamemode logic, vehicle abilities, entity spawning behavior, player HUD, and dismounted player movement.

Screenshot of an early version of the game's city environment


The gameplay of SPRODKART consists of two phases, a prep phase and a race phase:

Prep Phase

During the prep phase, players prepare for the race phase, where the bulk of points can be won. During this phase:

Race Phase

During the race phase, players are teleported to a start line and race between randomly-distributed checkpoints around the open map, competing for points based on their placement. Our design goal is to make this phase important, but not the single determining factor of the match's results. We're aiming to have the player that wins (places first overall) in the race phase win the entire match 70% of the time, and will specifically study this metric in our technical prototypes and playtesting sessions.

Screenshot of an early model of the mountain environment


One major theme of SPRODKART is an emphasis on unique and visually striking vehicles ("somewhat deranged" shows up in our design document a lot) that each offer different base stats, abilities, and even control schemes. Each is likely to change a lot over the course of development, but these are some early forms of a few vehicles:

Vehicle movement was implemented to mirror patterns commonly found in popular kart-racing games. Our goal with this project is to let the complexity arise from vehicle and stat builds, rather than tough or complicated controls. The vehicle physics themselves were created with raycasts acting both as suspensions systems and vehicle "wheels," giving the game a somewhat bouncy feel when the spring parameters are tuned correctly. In the vein of other kart-racing games, our vehicles drift upon landing on the ground while a button is held, a state that allows them to build up a boost after a few seconds.

School and work obligations (alongside Unity Engine drama) have put our development progress on pause, but we haven't abandoned the project! We're working on it bit by bit, as our schedules afford, and are excited to polish this into a full game eventually.

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